Frequently Asked Questions

Do your prices vary?

Yes, prices may vary depending on the material you are recycling. Below are some factors that may affect recycle prices.

  • Beverage container prices are set by the State of California and may change two times per year.
  • Scrap metal prices are pushed by world markets and may change daily.
  • Cardboard and paper prices may change two times per month.
How long does it take to recycle with Quality Recycling?

Recycling time is usually ten minutes or less. We have twenty parking stalls with our new addition we just completed. Our trained staff will assist you with sorting and unloading for a quick and easy recycling experience. Visit our Vista, CA location to recycle scrap metal, aluminum cans, CRV plastic, glass and more.

I have a local business and want to recycle scrap and other materials on a regular basis. How can Quality Recycling help?

There are many benefits of recycling at Quality Recycling. Our trained staff provide quick unloading and accurate identification of all your materials. We unload trucks of all sizes including roll-off trucks. 

We provide businesses a place to recycle scrap cardboard, and can provide pick-up services for baled cardboard. 

We also work with local machine shops and other types of businesses by providing bin boxes for their scrap metals. We can weigh and pay right at your facility! Free North San Diego County pickup, or just drop in with your own truck.

Will I receive my money right away?

Yes, this is one of the benefits of recycling! The only materials we don’t pay for right away are scrap metals brought to us by individuals. If you recycle scrap metal, the State of California has mandated that all recycling centers withhold payment for three days for scrap metal purchases over twenty dollars from individuals. Licensed Businesses and contractors are paid immediately.